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CREATING YOURSELF: a 2-part workshop using writing and a visual arts. Jan 12 & 13

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About Us


Zipora Schulz attended Cornell University for Fine Arts and graduated from New York City’s School of Visual Arts with a BFA as well as coursework in commercial art. She has been an art restorer, assistant art director, graphic designer, and sketch artist for publishing and advertising agencies. 

  Upon moving from New York to her second home of Philadelphia in 1995, she began teaching a Learning Tree course called “Reviving the Drawing Dragon,” which she designed to introduce adults and teens to “seeing in a new way.” She has since taught art (grades K-12) in the Philadelphia School District, private and parochial schools, and at Montgomery County Community College.


As co-founders of “Public Eye: Artists for Animals,” Zipora and her husband Jim Harris (a local musician and writer), have also been proponents for the power of art in teaching kindness, compassion, and respect for the natural world we all share.


Some of the Fringe Festival shows they helped create include “The Human Circus: The Kindest Show on Earth,” “The Mouth of the River” (about preserving our oceans), and “Not a Drop to Drink” (pictured, about fracking), as well as a an annual storytelling event at the Philadelphia Main Library entitled “Stories from the Wild.”

Our Mission


To open up the creative urge that can be found in every person, to foster co-creativity within families, and to bring neighbors together in enjoyable, artistic activities.


We want to create a “salon” atmosphere as well, with occasional lectures on art and music. The Art Room should be a fun, relaxing place to create and learn.

Anyone can create art

It’s true! We are all born with a certain sense of “aesthetics” (favorite colors, shapes, textures, etc.). We see this everyday in the way we decorate our homes, dress ourselves, or plant the flowers in our garden.

There are techniques and foundations to be learned, but more important is the knowledge that, as humans, we “must” create in some form to dialogue with the world and express our true being.  

The real issue for some of us is to feel “safe enough” to continue to nurture this initial spark of creativity with which we are born. All children doodle and adults doodle, too! A doodle is just a manifestation of a thought process brought to paper.

  Hopefully, in The Art Room - and beyond - creating will become as natural a process as…. breathing!